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Elusive Golden Cat Filmed | National Geographic

September 2, 2011 — Camera-trap footage of an African golden cat preening and hunting in Gabon may be the first publicly-released video of the little-understood wild cat, according to the…

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  • What a stunning creature

  • i know petting wild animals is not a good idea, but this cat looks so sweet and pettable.

  • if its a rare seen how do they know it weighs in around 28lbs ? …..the moment scientist start studying this species of cat i bet it will go extinct …..but overall very beautiful cat

  • Is it true that they sometimes communicate by spitting?

  • Supposedly the closest relative of the Caracal. Caracals are one of the most people-friendly cat species, so maybe the African Golden Cat would be too.

  • I wonder what they sound like.

  • What about bay cat in borneo malaysia

  • conserve this gr8 creature 

  • Looks yummy jk I'm hungry

  • beautiful!

  • I know its wrong… but I want one! What a beautiful animal!

  • We must save these cats and import them to Europe and USA so we can have more of them before the Africans kill them all for furs

  • do philipp means Philippines??

  • wow! the least studyed of all big cats? i would todally wanna study them, there beutiful cats!

  • In his book "The Bafut Beagles", Gerald Durrell gives an insight into the ferocious and reclusive nature of this animal, two characteristics that might account for the lack of research, even to this day, on the animal. How Durrell eventually came to obtain a specimen (in 1949) makes an interesting read.

  • it is a mix between a cougar and a bob cat! JESUS!!!

  • @BanjoYoshi1 elusive man..

  • what the brown

  • @BanjoYoshi1 cats. just cats.

  • its not golden

  • d'awww

  • @BanjoYoshi1 I think the tags said cats.

  • @BanjoYoshi1 Cats Tag maybe

  • I love catss <3

  • Great video of a wonderful creature that needs our help. I'd never heard of it before, so thanks for opening my eyes.

    Why are they 4 people who dislike this video? Boy are there some weirdos in this world who seem to think they're either funny or clever, but actually don't impress anyone. Run along, little idiots.

  • ima catch one n sell it for a lot of money n donate them to Panthera. thats how i contribute to nature. the Human way!