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Cat Steals Chicken Nugget

Links To Sources: Mold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EWiymSK1jw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVNrpzhRuNQ Cat: https://twitter.com/xSnoconee/status/900841595825790976 Skateboard:…

*Get some hot girls in CAM*

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  • There's an incredibly breathtaking clip in here, which not only showcases the beauty of nature, but also the ingenuity of humankind…. and yet you still chose to use the cat stealing a chicken nugget as the title clip. Choice well made.

  • people say it hurts giving birth… LOOK AT THAT EGG…

  • The shark egg is strange

  • So it would take 10 years to get your money back.

  • i have a mini 4wd

  • Kevin

  • He protec
    He attac
    But most importantly
    He take yo snac

  • You buy that thing, and it won't start saving your money until the 11th year of using it. But I bet it won't even last two years.


  • I wish he replied ☹️

  • Legend has it, Kevin goes to McDonald’s and works there.

  • My cat always steals MY chicken nuggets and I give him an equal amount of chicken nuggets

  • 1:24 My little bro and I used to have these cars; his was red and mine was blue, both had yellow lightning-ish streaks on the sides and man those things were fast. We didn't have the tracks because ours were just cheap knock-offs we won at a fair, but we had loads of fun racing the cars around the house and in the front yard until mine sped down a drain outside ;w;


  • one time my cat stole my cheeseburger

  • 2:20 bruh i got that for $1.50

  • The Cat is Mister steal yo chicken nugget



  • Gotta love how original you areeee

  • Mold is fucking disgusting

  • What people don't know is that guy actually… ate, the baby shark.

  • wait. that actually was a shark egg? I thought it was a drill bit. nature u freaky af gtfoh

  • Very cool video 👍

  • I hate wasting a dollar a year, so I’m going to pay 10 to get them back! thinks to self, what a great deal!

  • G R

    Repeated I guess…….

  • Did I just witness a mold montage?

  • RIP To the nugget that lost its life to Kevin the cat. Send prayers to the nuggets family.⚰️⚰️#nuggetlivesmatter

  • I'm the cat 100%

  • So… is nobody going to mention the light speed mini-4wd cars?

  • One time my mom (she is single) had a job promotion and her job took her and her coworker s to a fancy restaurant she said she would get us some fancy salad with this chicken and my mom said she was on her way home . and she was talking us how good that chicken was so when she came home she said she was tired and me and my sis were going to eat and watch tv. I want to the bathroom to wash my hand when I returned my container was turned upsidedown and I heard sound of cats eating when I looked the right my cats were eating my dinner . Unfortunately the ate some of it leaving germs so I had to trash it . my mom was to tired to make any thing so I settled on pb and j . for the rest of the week my sis would say that chicken was so good . but I never got to taste it

  • 0:26 That’s not growing that dying