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Friends – “The Cat” Part 2 – Ross apologizes to cat

Friends Season 4 Episode 2 “The One with the Cat” If You Want To Support This Channel: …

*Get some hot girls in CAM*

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  • What breed is the cat?

  • man i hated phoebe big time especially in that scene. even if i'm wrong???? wtf

  • 4:05 best part

  • Phoebe buffay really is the worst

  • This is why phoebe is worst character who cares if she's wrong-the little girl who lost her cat also does no one see that all food is still there and carpet and fridge along with other accessories robbers didn't take

  • Phoebe doesn't have much of a leg to stand on

  • Rachel locked the Duck and the Chick because of the cat you stupid shit

  • Im so Rossss!!

  • OMG…. Chandller is sooooo cute

  • Lmao they didn't have the insurance & still they were calling them 😂😂🤣

  • if she could come like a couch

  • I believe this is my mother ok? Even if I'm wrong who cares? Just be a friend. Okay? Be supportive
    I really like pheobe here

  • "pheobes, if she could come back as a coach we'd really appreciate that" OOHHHH CHANDLER😂😂😂

  • if she could come back as couch we would appreciate lol

  • One where Ross is the man

  • Did Rachel just lock the Chick and the Duck in a cabinet?

  • Irritating Phoebe …..

  • I hate Ross….. he's always objective

  • Why is Julio the cat licking the cabinet?

  • Why is Rachel always so mean to Ross Give it a rest girl!!

  • I hate Ross again

  • That canoe is nice looking

  • monica looks like kathy in this episode