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Curiosity Killed the Cat Misfit (video with lyrics)-HQ

Curiosity Killed The Cat “Misfit “(studio version) lyrics: Sensitive child keep running wild in a confined space You’re not to blame ’cause you’re not the same get …

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  • por mucho tiempo busqué esta canción, me encanta!!!

  • god rem these great song and always 80s

  • Come back down 🎼

  • que viejos que estan actualmente!

  • нет

  • There is just simply no present day music as good as this anymore.

  • AND all the while No one got the message… BEHHHH
    Sheep / bind ?

  • this song is about what? is this song about a stereotips? or what?

  • Had that on vinyl lp until my stupid selfish bitch of a sister borrowed it and never returned it, 28 years and counting – not that I'm bitter ……

  • I miss this throwback! Awesome band. I can relate to the title!

  • buen tema.

  • one of my lost youth songs

  • Lim

    i.love 87

  • un brano fantastico anni 80

  • Liked them

  • Great song, your interpretation of the lyrics need a little working on though.
    Close, but no cigar.

  • This is my jam. On my last job I used to go around quietly singing this to myself. My coworkers thought I was talking to myself. hahaha 😀 This late 80s music means so much to me. The synthesizer sounds are purely magical! Some of the best music ever made, in my opinion

  • My Fave song ..Carlos Tevez..x

  • i love this song !!!!!!!!!!

  • Love this kinda off beat happy song and what a great band name! Wish they would get back together and tour. Love the bass line.

  • GTA tbogt

  • Nostalgia.

  • Great sound from old '80

  • Brillant song🎶 Ben voice amazing. ❤ the 80s.

  • Am I the only one here because of GTA? How high can ya goooo!

  • great band!

  • My fave Curiosity song ! What
    quality! Great band as well

  • late summer of 87 good hit  good memorys

  • super!

  • when I was a child and I recorded this on my personal tape, I remember calling this song "satisfy" XD I liked that ahhh… sound after the word 😛

  • MIssed the late 90's better than the crap music we listen to now :-

  • it doesnt get any better with age this is still shite

  • think 'breakdance on the street' sounds better, been singin that since it came out anyway lol

  • Great song and album!

  • Misfit freak that's on the street.. Me encanta esta canción.

  • Wasn't Andy Warhol in the video for this song?

  • love this tune

  • sansui quality

  • spelling a bit daft but who cares

  • Throw back!!  College 1986.  Loved them.  Was totally in love with Ben V-P.  Forgot how brilliant they were.  Wished I could have danced as good as Ben.  He was so smooth.  Would be brill to see how they look now as they look sooo young in this video, lmao!

  • NICE  MUSIC ¡¡¡

  • A great song from the Londoners Curiosity Killed the Cat. Love the songs. Love 80s music.

  • 1980s Enfield north london where has the time gone fuck getting old great days