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Cuddling a Cheetah Like a House Cat

Playing with a cheetah during my last volunteer trip to South Africa with Volunteer Southern Africa Interested in signing up? Check out these links for more info …

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  • sand bording

  • I love your animal videos, thank you so much for making them

  • I want to volunteer but the link doesn't work anymore :(

  • I love to see all these really up close and personal videos with the big cats and of course the baby lions but its just so wonderful to see how sweet and wonderful they really are! Thank you for sharing your experience with YouTube I know the videos themselves are quite old but its really refreshing to see such wild life to be taken care of such good communities an facilities.

  • BGM please

  • Jon is cool for volunteering and helping animals ☺

  • cheetahs are totally awesome animals would love to go there and see them up close and personal. where was this?

  • Beautiful. Amazing..thankyou

  • gosh, I've never been so jealous! such a sweet cheetah…

  • hold still punks that's uss xd

  • how

  • how does it like you ?

  • cheetah tamed

  • Did getting licked by the cheetah hurt because of the spikes on its tongue?

  • What makes the cheetah look so badass is the tear lines in face.. it's like Ulquiorra from bleach

  • Cheetahs are just a myth spread by idiots using adobe after effects looking for attention.

  • I think it would be a cool idea to domesticate cheetahs. After all, Middle Eastern and African royalty have tamed them in the past for hunting, so it's sort of an early proof of concept. I think it would help preserve the species for the future better than letting them slowly disappear in the wild.

  • You should steal Christmas next vid lmao!

  • I love Cheetahs

  • Cheetahs are soo cute. They behave like house cats, although they should never be treated as pets.

  • that's wonderful. you can tell those are happy cats. head-butting, nibbling and grooming, grooming, grooming their caretakers. so you're one of their coalition.

  • both

  • I'm sorry cheetah

  • Leonard it so wild

  • The girl at 1:34 has a great Ass !!!!

  • Why are cheetahs not as vicious as tigers and lions? They are a lot more human friendly than those two.

  • Ok this is the best vlogging/documentary YouTube channel and you always seem so calm and collected but enthusiastic and excited about what you do and get the privilege of participating in all these cool practices and fun volunteering trips, keep doing what you do!

  • just one question, cheetah can pur like cat ?

  • Awwwwwwwwwwww so cute I'm crying so precious ??????????

  • its so chill =P

  • I guess if you raise cheetah cubs around humans they are just as gentle as any any house cat.-I want one?

  • Cheetahs, making it hard to remember they are very strong, very fast predators since forever.

  • 0:35 following you like "human, come back here at once! I did not say you could stop giving me lovins!"

  • cheetahs dont have a strong bite nor want rip you
    to shreds. to kill there prey
    they bite on the windpipe
    for a couple of minutes until the prey can't breath
    and die so there not as vicious as there preceded thats why I like them

  • I love your vids and the wildlife you all are awesome


  • cheetah is among the chill big cats that can kill

  • May I ask how you're able to go on all these adventures? Did you win the lottery? :)

  • I want a cheetah 

  • I dare someone to tickle this cheetahs belly. 

  • Awww Cute

  • Funny thing is they were actually kept as domesticated pets in ancient Egypt. 

  • I love what y'all are doing and I plan on donating money when I can to help. I cannot, unfortunately, volunteer as I have animals of my own to take care of and my fiancee is unable to take off work for a month (plus I doubt he'd survive a month without me lol). But I will save up when I can to donate to you all. Thank you for the wonderful work you do!

  • Excellent video jon!!! regards from argentina – buenos aires

  • Ahhh Cheetah. Shame they don't breed well in captivity. They're the only larger cat actually suited for close contact with humans. 

  • were all roaming cheetahs that nice

  • Why do you torcher me with cats I cant touchn through a screen! I love big cats well all animals

  • Very cool! i am from Phalaborwa, close by and seeing this everytime we go home is a great experience :)

  •  this is my goal 😀 beautiful cheeta! 

  • Hmm. is this too dangerous?