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Karma Fields & MORTEN – Stickup (feat. Juliette Lewis) [Monstercat Official Music Video]

Monstercat 025 – Threshold is available now! Support on iTunes: http://monster.cat/025-Threshold-iTunes Listen on Spotify: …

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  • adrenaline,this song gave me…<3 <3 <3

  • Everyones tallking shit about this song. There is literally no song Monstercat has uploaded that I havent liked. Ever. good song karma and friends

  • esea


  • Crap!

  • so beautiful….

  • … The sounds of this kind of remind me of Hawkling Street…

  • two words.
    ESEA commercial.

  • Looks Like Alot Of Work Went Into This

  • ESEA

  • wubwubwub

  • Welcome DreamHack Spectators!

  • ESL CS GO!!

  • ESEA, 128 TICK, .READY

  • This song should have a billion of views

  • This song would be perfect without vocals

  • So this is the new sort of party music? well then I'll just stick to UAK then.


  • This song actually beat Saiko in dislikes…

  • got to be honest, what is the point? its a badly made story, too repetitive. why does she want them to give up their poker cards? well, the song doesn't say. why would they fear her?

    Good, rolling beat by Karma and Morten, but the lyrics could have been better.

  • Whenever this song comes up during the stream almost everyone simultaneously agrees that the song sounds like an edgy Tumblr user.

  • WutFace /

  • dislike for lyrics


  • Everything before 1:29 should be removed.

  • 2.8k people liked the song so much that they needed to turn the screen to like the song again…

  • This song is creepy…

  • I can't get enough of this song right now. I just get so caught up in it, and I can't help but dance! Surprised to see so many people hating on it here in the comments, but to each their own!

  • the intro is good with the vocals, but later in the song, her yelling is really annoying, but the beat is great.

  • Reminds me of Nero a lot

  • I might be on among the few but this is my favourite Monstercat release in a long time. Nice to hear something so raw and fresh

  • this is quite similar to Arion – Internet Rebellion

    it's not bad tho

  • i fucking hate this soo much i wish it wasnt in this playlist

  • Good song, but would be without the vocals.

  • i wish the song had no cursing words


  • I love it soooooo much <3


  • I kinda like it. the more I listen to it the better it gets. I might as well turn on the loop option

  • please tell me that this has a hardcore remix

  • Aweseome song but weird vocals

  • SourPls

  • Is there a version without the vocals?

  • Why you kill Romeo?

  • Honestly, this song is good in a scary way.

  • This is awesome!

  • I can't stop looking back at this song and thinking "It could be SOOO GOOD." but the vocals man. WHY! It just seems a little stretched to me.

  • You must really love music to find the uniqueness and quality in this song. Keep it away from the Edm that you hear in radio. Its something very special. I'm not surprised this has so many dislikes because its scary and agressive piece of music. And I like it!

  • ESEA send me here, I'm !ready

  • WutFace ahh it's the scary lady