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Cats 101: Snowshoe

Cat Health 101: http://animal.discovery.com/healthy-pets/cat-health-101/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 More Cats 101 Video: …

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  • I had a Snowshoe. Her name was Cocoa.
    She found us as a kitten curling up on our doorstep. No one claimed her so we kept her.
    I miss her.

  • I love my snowshoe his name is Antonio

  • I Have a Snowshoe :)

  • I had to put down my 19 year old snowshoe today. RIP Andy :…(

  • grumpy cat brought me here 🙂 X

  • I have a snowshoe, her name is Jojo. No offence, but she is much prettier with a smaller head, and most of her colors are a bit lighter and kind of fade into each other.

  • I have a snowshoe, and they aren't kidding about how much attention the breed needs.

  • I have a snowshoe, her name is skittles

    And she's a cutie

  • My.fiancee got one.beautiful cat

  • We have a snowshoe cat named Charlie.

  • My snowshoes name is blue because his eyes are bright blue. I found him on the streets of Okinawa Japan.

  • I have a snowshoe. His name is Sam. I got him at a local vet office in 2007.

  • I have one !!! and is gorgeous! !! his name is Tommy Van Helsing as know too like "Tutto Di Caprio "

  • I have a snowshoe named bear :)

  • I have a snowshoe lynx point and a snowshoe chocolate point

  • My snowshoe was abandoned…and watched for 3 wks., before my dtr picked him up and took him to her vet. He had been neutered………………and the vet thought he was about 3. He is loving, but independent, and likes to be brushed…and loves to sit in an open window. The squirrels drive him crazy !

  • grumpycat is a snowshoe i think

  • I have a snowshoe his name is mister Stark

  • i think my cat give birth to snowshoe cat. it's one month year old now. lucky me o/

  • My Snow Shoe was stolen! My fault for letting him have some outside air.

  • that's my cat her name is

  • My Snowshoe has stripes like tabby cats have and they are gray and looks different then the cats in this video…….

  • i wish i had a snowshoe cat but they are so expensive it's impossible for me to get one

  • Do snowshoe cats get along with dogs?

  • What breed is the American short hair on the right at 1:21? PLEASE RESPOND SOMEONE!!


  • I have a snow shoe cat

  • Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat)

  • This is the cat I want

  • Is the Grumpy Cat a snowshoe?

  • my snowshoe is loving but hates being picked up

  • I has one named Apache

  • Isn't Grumpy Cat a Snowshoe?

  • I got my snowshoe for free… stray cat, who the hell throw a $2000 cat?

  • No freaking way I have 2 ?

  • Click me

  • my aunt has this cat

  • puss in boots

  • really snowshoe @ American shorthair mix up time

  • I have one and I LOVE him! Found him at a pet store. Didn't even know what he was until our vet told us. So lucky that the pet store didn't know he was one.